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"Brian and Tara are committed fitness professionals. Brian has helped me dramatically in losing 50 pounds. He helped to realize my goal of running in a 5k race. I'm an older man (retired) who has had a stroke and now have a mechanical heart valve. He helped me realize the only thing holding me back, was me.

Brian and Tara have also helped me eat better. Their nutrition advice has allowed me to not just lose weight, but lower my total cholesterol to a level I can now quit taking that drug. 

Thanks guys, you've enabled me to be a different man!"


"I’ve been a client of Brian’s for over a year. I originally contacted Brian to lose some weight after not making much progress on my own and I realized that I needed help. I've lost about twenty pounds so far, but my experience turned out to be about so much more than just losing weight. Brian has single-handedly transformed my previously sedentary lifestyle into one that is active and more rewarding. The habits and skills that Brian has taught me will last the rest of my lifetime. My wife has said on several occasions that Brian is one of the best things to have happened to me. The surprise about working with Brian as my personal trainer is that he didn’t just give me some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever had (which he has). As an effective teacher, he’s taught me about nutrition, proper exercise, avoiding injury from exercise, sleep habits, and in general I am so much more aware of how my body works and what it needs to be healthy. That is so much more than just exercise and is truly life altering knowledge. 


That’s not to sell short Brian’s knowledge of exercise. In the time we’ve been working out, I’ve gone from barely able to run a mile to running a 10K race. It is my goal to run a half marathon and do a sprint triathlon this year.  I use to hate running and now it is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve lost twenty pounds while barely dieting at all and my body is more toned and my cloths fit great. Through all of our exercise, he is a great teacher and explains everything very well. He’s not intimidating and has a very helpful and encouraging attitude, but he’s firm when he needs to be. 


I would highly recommend Brian to anyone who is willing to work hard towards building a sustainable and healthy lifestyle that will stick with you."


"I have had the pleasure of working with Brian for more than a year. Over 20 years ago I was in a horrible car accident, with my left knee taking the brunt of the long-term injuries.  Those of you with knee injuries know it’s never just a knee… it becomes hips, back, balance, strength, mobility, flexibility. Fast forward 20 years, and I fell on the ice and broke the same knee cap!  All of the healing I’d done over the past 20 years seemed to go out the window, and I felt like I was starting from scratch.


That’s where Brian came into the picture.  Throughout my life I’ve seen more than my fair share of Physical therapists and chiropractors.  I have never felt like they tuned into my injuries and my needs the way Brian did.  Brian assessed everything from strength, to range of motion, to balance, identified my weak spots and figured out a plan to get me back to full speed.


We started with stretching and rolling muscles and what seemed at the time like simple repetitive motions.  Pretty soon the flexibility was coming, the stability was coming, the strength was coming – and we were meeting 5 days a week.  We always started with Brian asking about any specific concerns or pains I was having.  It didn’t seem to matter what random pain I threw at him, he always had stretches or exercises to fix it.  From there, each meeting was tailored to one specific goal Brian had in mind in my larger recovery plan.  It wasn’t long before I could see a difference in everything – less back pain, hips more balanced, knee getting stronger, alignment more in line, endurance building up. And the other benefits I’d never thought of – drinking more water, eating healthier, sleeping more soundly – can’t even be measured.


About 6 months into working with Brian, I was feeling the best I’d felt in over 20 years – I was even wearing heels comfortably!  Brian has given me something back in my life that can’t be repaid in money – but only in gratitude. Anyone who has the privilege of working with him will know quickly how much he cares, how laser sharp his focus is on you and your individual needs, and how his positive attitude toward healing and health and being the best you can be is contagious!"


"Brian Tully has absolutely changed my perspective on fitness and exercise. When I first met Brian, I was a very unhealthy 226 pounds.  The heaviest I have ever been.  I had 4 children and I was out of shape and over weight.  I was hesitant to enter the gym because I thought I would be judged based on my poor management of my health and weight. From the moment that I walked in, Brian encouraged me and led me step by step through a total plan that not only helped me lose a total of 40 pounds in 3 months, but also helped me gain a better understanding of how to take care of my body and develop a love for fitness.  He is always patient, encouraging and informative and extremely knowledgeable. Never will you feel gym intimidation with him, no matter your fitness level.   He has an inspiring approach to help you get physically fit.  If you have a strong desire and willingness to commit, Brian can guide you and your body through a life changing transformation.  When you work out with Brian you will be tested, he will push you, you will sweat…I talked a lot of trash and whined, BUT I ALWAYS came back for more! He makes you love taking better care of your body. You will be amazed at the limits your body will push through.   I have never regretted a day I worked out alongside this awesome trainer.  If I do have one regret, it is that I didn’t take full advantage of all that he was available to offer.  I would have never thought that I could achieve the results that I experienced with Brian.  A truly amazing and inspiring trainer.​"


"I began working with Brian in 2008 when I decided to embark on my weight loss journey. Working with Brian has completely changed my life and my way of thinking in making healthy decisions. When working with Brian I was pushed to a different level each workout, forcing my body to never stay stagnant. I definitely discovered muscles that I had no idea of, but the results were consistent with my fitness goals set in 2008. Brian believes in making sure each exercise is done properly to avoid injury and to ensure the targeted area is being worked correctly.


Brian also comes with a wealth of knowledge, any question I had regarding the human body and how it works, he could give me the answer right away. If ever I had an ache or pain he would know just how to rehab it, tell me why, and how to avoid it in the future. This truly sets him apart from any other trainer, as it makes you feel comfortable in knowing that he always has your best interest in mind.


Since working with Brian and keeping in line with a healthy diet, I have lost a total of 144 pounds. I would recommend Brian to anyone who is focused and looking for a motivational trainer who will take you to that next level."


"Brian Tully is the best Personal Physical Trainer I have ever met. It was 3 years ago when my physical training began with Brian. He motivated me every day and made sure I would not give up even though I thought I had nothing else left to give. I never had a problem working out alone because he would be right beside me stopping only to demonstrate the next exercise.


One of the things that set Brian apart from other trainers is his constant desire to learn more about the physical training field and finding new ways to implement them into our every day workouts. He physically trains us but also teaches us what he knows about the importance of nutrition, form, and different muscle groups. There were times when we had a group of 4 or more working out together and Brian made sure that each one of us received his direct attention. This is what makes him so amazing because I am totally blind and his directions are so on point that my form and motion is in step with the sighted members.


There are times when I am unable to do the exercise due to my sighted limitation but Brian will figure out a way to adapt the workout so I can achieve the maximum benefit from it. There is no “I cant” or “it’s impossible” because even though I can not see Brian will give that look that will make you keep going anyway. I have enjoyed my physical training with Brian over the last 3 years and hope to continue training with him. His passion and dedication fuels me and everyone I know to continue this lifestyle of physical, mental, and emotional wellness."


"Brian Tully is nothing short of amazing. I worked with Brian for a year, as an intern, at Verizon Wireless. It simply cannot be put into words how great the knowledge and skill-set Brian possesses is. He exudes fitness in every facet of his being. It is so hard to find individuals that are passionate AND gifted at what they do, along with the personable skills to the point where you feel completely comfortable leaving your health, and for all intents and purposes your “life”, in their hands. In the short time that I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Brian, he has been just that and more! He’s a careful, patient teacher, listener, and all-around enjoyable person to be around.


I often times made comments stating that Brian should take his level of expertise to the next level, and work with professional athletes because he has more than what it takes. And, although it was said in passing conversation, I meant every word. He is not someone who will boast or brag of himself, but simply wants to make a difference in someone’s life. And, that’s a true diamond in the ruff…a rare jewel that seems to be extinct in this world.


Change, especially physical change, can be a very scary thing. But, Brian is fully capable of helping you realize that although the road to a better YOU may be turbulent, it’s not impossible. In fact, he makes what seems to be the impossible, possible!"


"Brian has changed my perspective on personal training, and fitness. His approach is encouraging and creative. He knows how to get the most out of you, so you get the best results. He doesn’t just push you to perform the same old exercises, he create programs that build your core, and increases your endurance. Brian will challenge you with exercises which include Spiderman Climbs, dumbbell pickups, BOSU Mountain Climbers, just to name a few. He teaches you the correct form and posture of the routine so you get the best results.


I had worked out with trainers before without much success, but Brian has taken it to a much higher level. I am 41 years old and with Brian’s help, I dropped 25 pounds, and 7 inches on my waist within the first 90 days. My body fat dropped from 30% to 16% while adding strength and flexibility. When people who hadn’t seen me in a while saw me, they didn’t recognize me because I looked so different. I am in the best shape of my life, thanks to Brian. There is no way that I could have attained my new level of fitness without Brian’s guidance, support and expertise. Thank you Brian."


"Brian is a special kind of person that allows him to be a special kind of trainer. He deeply cares about other people and it shows when you interact with him. His education speaks to how passionate he is about the work he is involved with and the tools he brings to his clients are rare. If you are looking to change your life for the better you have come to the right place. You won't only meet a trainer; you will meet a new friend and a new guide to a better life through fitness.  In traveling the country and meeting all of the best trainers from across the country Brian is still someone I hold a special and unique respect for among these people. I would trust him with not only my clients but my friends and family."


"Just calling Brian a great trainer really is not saying enough. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him for small group training and personal one on one sessions and his positive energy, professionalism and extreme knowledge in this field has been nothing but pure motivation. Every time I have been in the gym Brian has always been upbeat, energetic and fully engaged and prepared for any session he was conducting. Brian always comes up with the most creative workouts that have helped me achieve so many milestones. Before joining the gym I wasn’t interested in running and now I love 5K’s, I could barely do push-ups and now I can do them with ease and within a short time and with hard work influenced by Brian…I am able to see muscles in my legs that were never there before. Brian has a great way of pushing his trainees in a way that makes working out extremely fun but let’s face it, the workouts are tough…but I LOVED every minute!!! Whenever I was ready to take my fitness to a new level Brian has been there with great tips, advice and always the proper technique to ensure I achieved the best result. Anybody would be extremely fortunate to be trained by Brian because he truly is that good!!"


"My life has been truly enriched from training with Brian (and Tara) Tully. My knowledge of optimal health, how to achieve it as well as maintain it, and how to make the life style change fun, challenging, and permanent are just a few of the benefits I have been blessed with through this journey. Brian has empowered me to take charge of my health from every angle including getting proper rest (I never knew how important that is), doing a wide variety of workouts and physical activities outside the gym, and best of all eating delicious, healthy, and nutritious food that help you feel and look fabulous and invincible in your own strength.

I believe there are several things that set Brian apart from other trainers. The first thing is his patience with you as he takes you from couch potato to beach body ready. He has just the right answer for any lip you want to give about how many reps or wanting a “modified” version of the exercise. Through his expertise he knows when you really need a break and when you’re faking it because you feel lazy or unmotivated. Secondly, Brian makes you realize your truest potential while helping you to overcome fears, challenges, and limitations that you had settled into over the years. You will run that entire 5K without stopping when you follow his techniques. The third thing that comes to mind is the way Brian meets you on your level with each session and helps you build from there. Brian doesn’t make you feel inferior based on what you can’t do; he shows you that you are superior to the you from yesterday based on the results of your consistency.

My life and my body will forever be blessed from my journey with Brian."


"I wanted to say thank you. You know when you watch award shows and the first thing they say, "Is this would not have been possible without....".  I need to let everyone know that this would not have been possible with out Brian Tully. He constantly motivates, encourages, inspires and advises you on all of the things necessary to improve your health and wellness. There were days I wanted to take it lightly but Brian never let me give up, even when I thought I could not do 1 more push up.  

I use to get more exercise running from the StairMaster than I did using it. I would get on and after 3 mins just say that is enough. One day Brian had a few of us complete a team exercise and no one could get off of there machines until I completed 30 floors on the StairMaster.  I said, "We will be here until tomorrow".  When I completed my 30 floors it was within 9 mins and 15 seconds. The next day I came back and stayed on for 15 mins. Now I can complete 60 floors in 18 mins. I love the StairMaster now!!!! I love all of the new exercises that they have shown me how to do that I never thought I could.   

Thank you Brian for all of the hard work and care you put into showing all of us how to be physically & mentally fit. I could not have achieved my goal of losing 25 pounds without your continued support. You have made each day an absolute pleasure to come and work out."


"Brian, has been one of the best trainers I've worked with. Brian is a true personal trainer and I stress the word personal. He gets to know you personally, and makes your workouts fit you personally to maximize your results. I found I did a lot of laughing while working out, but during my laughter I was doing burpees, kettlebell  swings, or alternate lunges to name a few. I could laugh through the whole workout, but Brian wouldn't let me miss a beat.  I'd recommend Brian to anyone that was looking to get in shape or jump start there workouts, Brian is GREAT and you won't be sorry when you work with him."



"I have been training with Brian Tully for 4 years and I must say that I have learned about health, wellness and being physically fit.  Diet, exercise and maintenance become routine and you begin to see results.  Brian helped me identify my problem areas and behaviors and worked with me to make modifications to my daily activities that would benefit my fitness goals.  His workouts are fun and engaging and you feel the burn.  He can modify a plan on the fly to accommodate week knees or a bad back all the while keeping you in line and on target for the goals you have set for yourself. 


Working with Brian was a joy.  Modifications in eating and knowing when and what to exercise helped my metabolism.  He taught me proper stretching techniques and exercises that addressed my frame, size and weight keeping me loose and motivated….I lost inches, feel great in my clothes, have energy and increased endurance.  I lost weight as well and exchanged fat for muscle mass in all the right places!  

Body by Brian stays with you.  In the middle age ups and downs of weight loss my issue will not be skill…I was trained by the best!"


"I would like to take this time to say a few things about Brian "the doctor" Tully. I started working with Brian in September of 2007. I was a former student athlete at Columbia Union College on the men’s basketball team and also played semi professional for the Maryland Knighthawks. When I first met Brian, I told him the sport that I played and some of the goals I wanted to achieve with my workouts. From day 1 of working with Brian I realized that this was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I thought I knew my limits with workouts but Brian instantly helped me figure out that I can push myself further. He is extremely motivational as he is training and also making sure that you use the right techniques while doing any type of exercise. When I first started working with Brian I was always struggling to get my body fat under 10 percent. I was never really overweight but there were some personal goals that I wanted to reach body wise. A combination of unique and effective upper body, lower body and cardiovascular workouts with Brian has helped me more than achieve my personal goals. It has also helped me gain more confidence in myself and as a basketball player. I would personally RECOMMEND Brian Tully as a trainer for anyone whether you are an athlete or not. He will be dearly missed as my trainer."


"Brian, you are definitely a gem in the fitness field.  Anyone would be happy to have you as their trainer because you are not just a trainer…you are a nutritionist as well as a friend.  You have pushed me to do things I thought I would never do and if it wasn’t for you, I would never have completed an item on my bucket list: complete a 5K.  It was one of the highlights of 2013 for me.  You always encourage me and others to go further than we thought we could do and on top of that, you add a lot of comedy!  You were a tough trainer but it was needed. :)"


"Working with Brian, as my personal trainer, has not only increased my physical strength, but my self confidence. Brian cares about his clients and encourages them in every way that he can. Brian is attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better. I greatly appreciate all that Brian has done for me and I am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future."


"Brian has played a major part in Mike and my goal to become healthy and fit. I was preparing to be in one of my friend’s weddings and was trying to loose weight to look great in the bridesmaid dress. No only did I fit perfectly but I had them do measurements and my waist decreased 6 inches my hips about 3 inches. He is a great personal trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone.  You tell Brian where you want to be and with hard work and dedication he will get you there. He laughs and jokes with you but will push you to get to your desired goal."


"I have known Brian for 7 years and over the years it has been a pleasure and a little pain as   He has both motivated and pushed me to go beyond what I imagined I could accomplish.  Brian has challenged me to strengthen my body and increase my cardiovascular endurance throughout the years.  His vast knowledge and experience has been instrumental in me achieving my goals to stay fit and lose weight.  He is very personable and has been very patient while enduring many years of my whining and pouting during those times I didn’t want to go that extra mile but it has always paid off!!  So many of my friends have complimented me on how great I look.   I have Brian to thank for being there to create a plan for me as well as introduce me to new fitness challenges." 


"I was fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of Brian’s tutelage as well as his side-by-side instruction and motivation.  With the help of Brian I was able to turn a sedentary life into one full of energy and newfound great health; Not to mention the obvious improvements I’ve seen in my physique and overall physical appearance.  I’ve developed habits and self-motivation that transcend Brian’s supervision which will allow me to further improve my health and physique all by myself, for myself.  Besides being a wealth of knowledge in the most up-to-date, cutting edge exercises and workout programs, Brian has the willingness and nonstop energy to actually perform the workouts with you.  Not only do I recommend his services, I feel I owe my current health and all physical successes I achieve in the future to Brian Tully."


"Brian definitely changed my life for the better. I remember when I first began working with him I was at my heaviest weight 275 and had not been active for years. I also had been diagnosed with diabetes and needed to make a change.  I was that person who tried to avoid the gym.  But he always held me accountable. I started doing workouts with Brian and I began to manage my weight better. He is always pleasant and positive. I can still hear him saying “Come on Carla, you can do it “. Brian was there every step of the way to help me reach my goals. I even started doing morning boot camps with him! I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with him. I am proud to say to date I have lost 70 pounds and still going. No more insulin for me! Brian is the best trainer ever and I would recommend him to anyone!"

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