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2018 Better Together Fitness – Online Fitness Group

As parents and business owners, we know what it is like to be short on time, so we designed the workouts to be time-efficient but still challenging enough to create results. The workouts are a combination of exercises that use bodyweight, bands, and optional free weights…and they can be done right in your home – no gym membership required. All the workouts will include ways to progress or modify the exercises to provide the right level of challenge for your fitness level.


Along with the workouts, you receive the nutritional guidance that you need to fuel your body for success. This will include learning how to determine what you need, how much you need, recipes, goal progressions, and so much more. Including the proper nutrition with your exercise program is 400 times more effective than exercise alone!


As a group, we are able to motivate, support, and hold each other accountable. When these things are in place and you have the tools you need…success will be achieved!​


  • Inclusion in Private Facebook Group for support, motivation, and ongoing group interaction

  • Access to Expert Fitness Trainers for questions, guidance and instruction

  • Nutritional guidance and education to insure you are properly fueling for success

  • Detailed workout program to help you move, feel, and look better than ever; including details of how and when to progress or modify each exercise

  • Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks

  • Video blog posts based on member questions and other relevant health and fitness topics

  • Plan and progress tracking methods to insure success

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."


The Better Together Fitness Online Fitness Group is a training, nutrition and motivational program that will help you make lasting changes to your body and life. Sign up with Brian and Tara of Better Together Fitness, and we will be with you every step of the way!

We are offering you the opportunity to lock in a lower price by joining now. As we continue to develop and improve the program, the price will go up, but not for those of you joining now . This discounted price will only be available until we close up access on June 30, 2018. Once we close it up, we will not be allowing any new people to join until October. We will be using this period to give the current group of members all the attention they need.

We assure you that as we fine tune this service and make it even better…that the price will certainly be increasing when we re-open it up for new members in October. But if you jump on board now, knowing that we will always over deliver…you will be able to keep your Discounted Price!


If you are ready to secure your spot, simply choose your payment method and lock in your rate.


You can do a Monthly Subscription or a 3-Month Plan for an even larger discount. Pick your desired option below.

$55.00 per Month
(regularly $89.00 / month)
$150.00 for 3 Months
(regularly $267.00 / 3 months)

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time with 10 days notice of next bill date

We will be closing down the sign up in:
We won't be reopening again until October 2018...Don't miss your chance!

Have more questions before moving forward?

 Please let us know what they are. We want you to be confident and excited before you move forward!


email us:


Besides...if you have a question, we are sure others will have the same one. So allow us to help everyone be better informed by sharing your questions with us.

21-Day Money Back Guarantee

You can try the Better Together Fitness Online Program without risk of any kind.


While we are extremely confident that you will get amazing results by following our program…an online program isn’t always for everyone.


For that reason, if for any reason you feel the program is not the right fit for you, simply message us within the first 21-days and we will refund your payment.

No questions asked.

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